Fat Rat Mafia is a cool collection of 7777 Fat Rat NFTs, collectively known as the Mafia. The Sewer is the place they all call home.

About Us

Born in the Sewers, now we’re taking over the world, and the Metaverse.

Fat Rat Mafia isn’t just a dope high-resolution PFP with full IP Rights, it’s access to an incredible community and experience.

We’re bridging the gap between Web3 and IRL more so than ever before. Through our background in the Creative industries including Music, Film, Art and Fashion, our aim is to merge worlds and connect people through storytelling, real life experiences, product offerings and events that resonate with our audience.

This is just the start of the Fat Rat Mafia ecosystem.

Latest News

Community Wallet

We have created a Community Wallet which will be used for Giveaways and Rewards to our holders. Initially you’ll see…


As our project has grown and evolved since launch back in August, we realise our existing site has become outdated…



Our project Minted on 21/08/2022. Mint price was free and all 7777 Rats sold out in 7 minutes.

Short Film

We’re working on a short Film in conjunction with award-winning Film Makers and Directors. The Film is currently being written and a number of holders will have their Rats featured. Premiere in the Metaverse?

Caged Rats

10 Rare Fat Rats which were previously captured have now been released back into the Sewer and distributed randomly among holders. These weren’t just a lucky gift – their real purpose has yet to be announced. View the Caged Fat Rat collection here.