Right from the start we said we weren’t going to bullshit you with overly ambitious plans, or a lukewarm bullet-point list. We said we’re keeping our Roadmap under-wraps. We’re raising two fingers to the norm and doing things our own way. For us, it’s all about under-promising and over-delivering, every step of the way.

With that being said, here you can explore some of the developments which have already been released, and some which are still a work in progress. There’s a lot more to follow.


Our project Minted on 21/08/2022. Mint price was free and all 7777 Rats sold out in 7 minutes.

Short Film

We’re working on a short Film in conjunction with award-winning Film Makers and Directors. The Film is currently being written and a number of holders will have their Rats featured. Premiere in the Metaverse?

Caged Rats

10 Rare Fat Rats which were previously captured have now been released back into the Sewer and distributed randomly among holders. These weren’t just a lucky gift – their real purpose has yet to be announced. View the Caged Fat Rat collection here.


We’re working with numerous world-famous Artists on our upcoming album. Our first track ‘Mob Ties’ ft. Zoey Dollaz and Guwop Reign is out now and available to stream on all platforms. All revenue from streaming will go straight back into Fat Rat Mafia and our Community Wallet, giving more value to holders.


In the Mafia we believe in regularly rewarding our members, as well as onboarding new ones. We’ve been running regular Giveaways where we’ve given free Rats to holders, 1 of 1 Artworks and other valuable NFTs from alternative collections. As the project grows, so will the prizes. We already have some huge plans!


Mafia Ranks are activated! Deserving members of the community will be promoted through the Ranks and rewarded for their efforts and loyalty. Each promotion will come with its own reward, however just as members can be promoted, they can also be demoted if necessary. It’s up to our members how high they go.


In support of community businesses, creativity and entrepreneurship, we have announced a new initiative where holders of Fat Rat NFTs can apply to receive funding for their business idea on the condition they use their IP and provide discounts to the community. Click here to learn more about Fat Rat Capital.

Cheese Reward

A toxic blend of 7 psychoactive and hallucinogenic Cheeses, created by Mafia Chemists deep in The Sewer and served up in The Cheese Bar for loyal Fat Rat Holders to enjoy. This collection was Airdropped to holders who were in our 3 snapshots.

Community Wallet

We have created a Community Wallet which will be used for Giveaways and Rewards for our holders. Further significance to the Wallet will be announced in due course.


Introducing MOB COIN, an ERC-20 utility token and the native currency to power the Fat Rat Mafia ecosystem. Holders of Fat Rat NFTs will be able to Earn, Pay and Swap with $MOB. Launch of the token will pave the way for project expansion, with new possibilities and incentivization.


The primary focus of our 2023 Roadmap is to reward our holders, provide more utility and ultimately give back more to the community. Hold to earn is a major leap forwards in that direction. All holders of Fat Rat NFTs will soon be able to Stake and earn $MOB, our own utility token which will be spendable within the Fat Rat Mafia ecosystem. We’re building a brand new platform which will incorporate all these new features, and much more. Separate to the .com page, and only accessible to our holders. This is just the start.

Top Secret